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U.S. Soccer vs the World by Tony Cirino, published by Damon Press in 1983, is the first book about the American National Soccer Team. This book chronicles a century of the Team's international competition beginning with the 1885 U.S. vs Canada game in Newark, N.J.

Just take a glance at the book's Table of Contents to learn more about what you will find inside its covers:

  1. A Handful of Firsts: First International Win, 1886; American Football Association; U.S. - Canada; First Professional League, 1894; Rugby, Football and Soccer

  2. Joining FIFA: FIFA Formed; AFA and AAFA; USFA Founded; U.S. Challenge Cup; Scandinavian Trip, 1916; First American Club Abroad

  3. Two Olympics: Scoring Stark; ASL and Commercialism; 1924 Olympics; U.S.- Canada Series; Rematch with Uruguay; Record Crowd at the Polo Grounds; 1928 Olympics

  4. Soccer Wars: ASL Suspended

  5. The First World Cup, 1930: The Participants; The U.S. Team; U.S. - Belgium; U.S. - Paraguay; The Semi-Finals; U.S. Team Exhibitions

  6. Soccer in the Depression: Barriskill, The One-Man Federation; U.S. World Cup Team, 1934; U.S. - Mexico; U.S. - Italy

  7. Scots Tours and Olympic Games: Berlin Olympics, 1936; Prewar Soccer; Scots Tour, 1939

  8. Postwar Soccer: Ponta Delgada; 1948 Olympics; Israeli Team; World Cup Qualifications, 1949

  9. The 1950 World Cup: The U.S. World Cup Team; U.S. - Spain; U.S. - England; U.S. - Chile

  10. After the Upset: U.S. - Scotland; 1952 Olympics, Helsinki; The English at Yankee Stadium; 1954 World Cup Qualifications; U.S. - Haiti; U.S. - Iceland; 1956 Olympics; 1958 World Cup Qualifications; U.S. - England Rematch; 1959 Pan American Games; 1960 Olympic Qualifiers

  11. The Struggle To Qualify: 1962 World Cup Qualifications; 1964 Olympic Qualifications; England Again; 1966 World Cup Qualifications; New Leagues: USA, NPSL, NASL; 1968 Olympic Qualifications; 1970 World Cup Qualifications

  12. Serious Contenders: 1972 Olympic Qualifications; 1972 Olympics; Search for Gaetjens; 1974 World Cup Qualifications; Two Trips to Europe; Cramer Interlude; European Tour; Polish Rematch; Mexican Adventures; 1976 Olympic Qualifications

  13. Setting Goals: Youth Soccer; 1978 World Cup Qualifications; Olympic Preparations; The Festival of the Americas; Bellinzona Tournament, 1978; National Team Preparation; Youth World Cup; Pan American Games, 1979; France in New Jersey; European Tour, 1979; 1980 Olympic Qualifications

  14. The World Cup and Team America: European Tour, 1981; 1982 World Cup Qualifications; Youth Team, 1981; NASL vs USSF vs FIFA; Team America 1983

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